Make Sure the 504 Plan Lists Accommodations Not Just Goals

Session 10

One issue that I have seen on IEP or 504 Plans is that they may contain a long list of goals, but no actual accommodations.

If your child’s IEP/504 Plan contains goals, make sure that there is a list of accommodations that accompany each goal. Goals are great, but the point of an IEP/504 Plan is that it is an agreement between you and the school as to the accommodations that your child receives. Goals by themselves do not supply accommodations. Accommodations are changes in the way that your child receives and communicates learning in the classroom. These changes in the learning process are needed by students with disabilities in order to reach their academic goals. Simply listing goals does not help a child reach his or her goals. Specific accommodations should be provided to help your child reach his or her goals.


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