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IEP Academy was developed by Dr. Mary Wetherby after spending over 25 years evaluating children, writing recommendations for the classroom, and helping to advocate for student rights. As opposed to helping just one child at a time, Dr. Wetherby saw the need to provide assistance to many who try to navigate the confusing process of getting accommodations for children in school. She shares her vast knowledge about evaluating, accommodating, and advocating for students with learning differences and physical challenges on IEP Academy. IEP Academy also provides tools for parents and advocates to use in order to get children the education they need and deserve!

No More Tearful Nights

You are the positive force behind making sure that the school educates your child appropriately. Get the education your child deserves. IEP Academy gives you the tools to fight for your child’s educational rights!

Dr. Mary Wetherby

Dr. Mary Wetherby, IEP Academy Founder, has been practicing Neuropsychology and Psychology for over 25 years. Dr. Wetherby has evaluated and written education recommendations for countless children. She has worked in the field of rehabilitation, and directed a neuropsychology department and brain injury program. In addition to presenting to multiple professional organizations such as the National Academy of Neuropsychology, Dr. Wetherby has also written journal articles in the areas of neuropsychology and disability. She has developed her own behavior management program, and countless educational recommendations. Throughout her career, Dr. Wetherby has served as an expert witness, testifying in educational law cases. She has also served as an expert witness on high profile criminal cases, and helped write juvenile law.

Having had Rheumatoid since age 12, Dr. Wetherby experienced first hand the discrimination that can come with having a disability in school. She has dedicated her career to aiding those with disabilities and learning differences. Dr. Wetherby has always encouraged people to focus on strengths, and has consistently strived to find not only weaknesses but also strengths in neuropsychological evaluations. She has used these to create recommendations for students, and then helped them to overcome the bureaucracy that can inhibit children from receiving accommodations from the school. Dr. Wetherby has passionately advocated for her patients to receive accommodations that they should legally be receiving from the school, but so often do not. She has educated parents so that they truly understand their children’s strengths and weaknesses, and has helped endless families avoid frustration over their child’s learning and tearful nights over homework.

As opposed to helping one child and family at a time, Dr. Wetherby’s goal is to help many with the 504 Plan and IEP process, as there is a dramatic need in this area. She developed IEP Academy to provide the tools needed to educate families about getting children the education they deserve.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Wetherby is available to speak to groups. Topics are often inspirational, psychological, and educational in nature. She has also conducted staff trainings and development. Contact IEP Academy for more information.

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