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Answers to Your Questions

Can IEP Academy help my child even though he attends a private school?

Yes. Many private schools also have provisions to provide children with accommodations. They must also follow ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

What kind of problems can accommodations apply to?

ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Specific Learning Disorder, Reading, Impairment or Dyslexia, Mathematics Impairment, Written Expression Impairment, Memory problems, Language problems, Reasoning problems, Mood or anxiety issues, Fine motor dexterity problems, Head injury or concussion, Illness or medication related issues, Behavioral problem, and more!

Does IEP Academy describe the process to get an IEP or 504 Plan?

Yes! So many times, parents don’t even know where to start to get their kids help in school. IEP Academy helps get you started! (Or, if you already have a plan, IEP Academy can help you improve it.)

Does IEP Academy describe how various problems can be helped in the classroom?

Yes! IEP Academy describes how children with different problems are affected in the regular classroom. Our Accommodation Station section gives ideas for accommodations to help many different issues.

Does IEP Academy advise how to handle pitfalls in getting services from the school?

Yes! Many parents may have a 504 or IEP but feel that they are still not getting enough help from the school. IEP Academy helps parents avoid pitfalls in getting accommodations from the school whether it is the first meeting or the tenth!

Does IEP Academy give me strategies to advocate for my child?

Yes! By better understanding your child’s rights through IEP Academy, you can become a better advocate for your child.

Does IEP Academy provide me with information to help me successfully manage a 504 or IEP meeting?

Yes! Knowing how to approach a 504 or IEP meeting and what to say in order to gain accommodations from the school can be scary! IEP Academy helps guide you.

Does IEP Academy help with giving me ideas for accommodations for my child?

Yes! IEP Academy exposes you to different accommodation possibilities for your child.

Does IEP Academy provide strategies that my child could use?

Yes! Strategy Central is coming soon!

Does IEP provide a community of like-minded individuals who all want to have a better education for their child?

Yes! With the Smart IEP Membership, you can be part of the IEP Academy exclusive Facebook group!

My child has ADHD, but I never considered it a disability. Is IEP Academy appropriate for a child with ADHD?

Yes! Learning differences are considered disabilities in the classroom. ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and more can all likely benefit from help in the classroom and IEP Academy.

My child just sustained a concussion and is having more problems in school than usual. Is it possible to get a 504 for extra help?

Yes! If a child has just had to have surgery, has a medical problem, or concussion, he or she may need some extra help (or rest during the day!) at least for a while. A 504 or IEP can provide help when needed.

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